The Grille

“ My Beloved is to me a garden enclosed …”

– Song of Songs

The grille in the Teresian Carmel signifies the life of enclosure freely chosen by the nuns, in order to give their lives more exclusively to God. “Vacare Deo Pro Eclesia” - to go out from self for the love of God at the service of the Church. This Carmelite motto issues us a challenge to attempt to live our spiritual life in imitation of Jesus Christ, who calls everyone to follow Him in accord with the Father’s will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Carmelite Grille in Parlor Room

The more we are united to Christ, and the greater our self-surrender to Him, the more deeply we shall participate in His salvific mission. The enclosed religious life is not then a selfish life - but a life given for God and for others.

Jesus with Fishermen